Trois histoires et deux jardins suspendus

Trois histoires et deux jardins suspendus is a story of wide views to the alp Moléson and over the river Sionge with its slender trees. And where people are deeply anchored in that place.

A specific spatial promenade brings the children into close contact with nature. It is formed through above, below, outside and inside places. These important moments raise their awareness towards the environment, the forest and climate, and aim for an active and dynamic atmosphere. A series of exciting elements links the educational structure with its gardens, invites to sit, read, run, play, hide and dream.

Among the seven educational gardens, lime trees, spruce trees and rowan trees help distinguish specific moments of the day. The school itself appears somehow as a forest with an organized series of tree trunks. The three houses sitting above are amplifying the atmosphere and overlook the gardens. The roofs and interiors are intensified by different and visible wooden structures of the roofs. They characterize the various rooms for work, play and study. Simple openings produce brightness where it is needed. And they direct the views towards the river and the Alps.


3 April 2014, Vaulruz

G. Papathanasiou, L. Lenherr

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