Hotel Stories

In distinction to the omnipresent structures of the conventional tourist industry, the hotel stories narrates another story of an alternative perception of such locations. It the conviction that guests are attracted mainly by atmosphere, the place is defined by its ambiances by three volumes forming one ensemble. These elements contain a workshop hall, a living tower and a kitchen place, while the void in between these spaces acts as backbone. Open, semi-open and closed spaces, stairways and courtyards are defining the topography and atmosphere of this place. While the spaces are composed for single functions, they can at the same time host a plethora of like-minded activities. This cultural encounter will work within a regional cultural network. It mirrors an artistic spirit by simple local style and construction techniques.

The place achieves a balance between calm serenity and the lively spiritedness of interaction through study, life and work. It is both a place of discovery and recreation. Guests have the opportunity to work but can also retreat into private spheres. Reflecting the climate and in order to withstand the winds and rains of the monsoon season each building is construed to allow for maximum closure. Still, the place is not self-enclosed. Diving into these spaces encounters the guests with an intensive greenery that flows through that spaces. Trees and plants open up and spread a pleasant Indian climate.

25 Feb 2010, Patnem

Collaboration D. de Angelis Architekt, L. Lenherr

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