Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter

Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter tells a story of nearby and far away places, of impressions and observations. It is an attempt to reproduce some qualities of the Engadin, that purity of nature. The surrounding reflections onto the building facades draws a constant and slow alternation of seasons. An ease flows from the house and similar to a charming Engadin house, it spans its roof over space components.

The house is somehow a little piece of nature, like a small forest with mature tree trunks. These strains are the pillars of the house. They support the roof and provide wide spaces stimulating the climate of the inner spaces. This diversity of the interior is underlined by the roof. It achieves a playful variety of rooms. These space conditions make it possible to use the surfaces in the most flexible manner. Together with the colourful and free standing wooden furniture it is possible to repeatedly obtain new floor plans and an optimal adaptation to current needs. The central cloakroom reminds a little of the Sulèr of an Engadin house. The high volume and versatile surfaces are kept very light. It provides access to all rooms and is a place of experience and exchange. The large windows surrounding the place are bringing lightness into the spaces. The children are experiencing a contemplation of their home and their seasons. Memories of its place.


17 June 2014, St. Moritz

G. Papathanasiou, L. Lenherr

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